ME Education

ME Education was founded in 2009 as one of the first agencies in Dalian providing local educational institutions with a comprehensive package of recruiting services. In partnership with Shahekou Educational Bureau, ME Education was a part of “The 12th Five-Year-Plan” and established co-operation with 19 public schools, providing employment for over 500 foreign teachers.

We have a solid recruitment base oversees and enjoy good reputation in the local market. In recent years we have successfully extended our offer by comprehensive HR and educational services. Currently, we are involved in a number of projects such as creating a Unified Teacher Training Program, curriculum design in cooperation with English Picture Book Reading and Creative Course in English and Chinese.

ME Education strives to implement an altruistic vision of the company based on the principles of social sustainability. We value professionalism, honesty and transparency. We envision building a unified foreign community in Dalian that can best contribute to education in China.