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to meet the Price of Life.

The Price of Life is a game about Financial Liberation. And it’s free to play. No ads, no scale-up pricing, it’s been lovingly crafted with world-class expertise. The concept follows the classic escape format, but this is not a room – it’s a Superyacht. Beautifully crafted, berthed in idyllic waters, the superyacht is the means of a getaway to the mythical, magical Fin Lit Island. Players are aiming to leave behind their personal situations where movement forward in their personal lives is hampered. They are not meeting their life goals, they are nervous they never will.

Designed to be flexible scalable easily localised in different versions but always Our Eduvate game

‘The Price of Life’


State provision patchy and lacks expertise

Exponential growth of online transactions and financial apps

Uninformed political decision making

Opportunity for financial services to provide that information, but no strategy to improve

Development: uptake by financially illiterate users