Tips & Hacks – Online Interviews

Online interviews are becoming an increasingly common feature of the recruitment process.  Last year, M&S had over 12000 applicants for their intern program.  How were those candidates screened? By on-line interview!  Employers love this new way of working and you as a potential job candidate are going to have to get used to the idea, and practice being in front of the camera, if you are to make to the next stage.

An on-line interview on-line is of course not the same as one face to face, and you should prepare accordingly. They leave little room for those informal interactions you might have on the walk from reception or the ride in the lift – so it is important your eye contact and facial expressions are not compromised by the technology either. In this career hack you will learn some valuable tips and tricks on how to come across as a stand out candidate, when your opportunity arises.

Should you go on to take a practice interview with us in future, then use what you learned from this career hack to make the most of your interview experience, and to boost your score when reviewed by a REAL employer/recruiter.

“By  failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin