Episode 33 – Newbattle High School

This week on the show, we are talking with Mark Davidson, who is the Deputy Head Teacher at Newbattle High School in Dalkeith, Scotland. The school recently won the Scottish Education Award for Employability and Creativity Skills Across Learning, which is a fantastic achievement and very well deserved.  We ask Mark about what went into making this happen, and how others can learn from the fantastic initiatives and partnerships the school have created to be recognised in this way.  Eduvate has worked closely with the school over the last 2 years, and we would be the first to say that Newbattle High, which is the first Digital Centre Of Excellence in Scotland, is a shining example of how schools across the world should be approaching Employability and Skills Readiness for the 21st Century.  Ensuring students leave school prepared is quite simply in their DNA.

“Career Ready, College Ready, University Ready, Digitally Ready!’