§Stuart Brill is a Strategic Recruitment Consultant for Transport for London (TFL) and an Athlete.  In this Lecture Stuart explains how your experience in Sport at a young age will give you a strategic advantage in the race to employment, and how you can demonstrate to Employers how you handle yourself in high pressure environments and challenging situations.  Whether it’s team sports or solo pursuits, you are sure to have very valuable transferable skills at your disposal, if you are engaged in Sport. Uncover and understand them with this brilliant lecture.

Sports Psychology in the Work Place:

Sports Psychology plays a huge role in the workplace, which is why top business people understand the need and the value of it in this setting. The ability to perform under pressure is quite literally invaluable to business. Transferable skills from your experience in sporting settings, including dealing with pressure, receiving rewards, team challenges and competitions can be the difference in you landing you your dream job, or not.

Sports Psychology can create consistency in workplace performance, save on costs due to increased motivation,  better satisfaction in the workplace, through to improving the atmosphere and the creativity of the solutions reached by the teams.  It’s hugely important and can give you the edge.