Dr James Verdon is an Applied Geophysicist and part of the Geophysics Group of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol.

He has received many awards including the Keith Runcorn Prize by the Royal Astronomical Society for best Doctoral Thesis in Geophysics. He appears frequently in the media as the ‘go to expert on fracking’. Follow him on twitter @TheFracDoctor.

By the end of this lecture you will have achieved unique insights into the world of fracking and be able to make informed judgments about how you see its role as the future of different energy sources unfold. You will also gain a valuable insight into the different careers options and prospects available to you by focussing on Geological studies at University.

Graduate Destinations

  • Cartographer
  • Commercial/residential surveyor
  • Environmental consultant
  • Geographical information systems officer
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Town planner
  • International aid/development worker
  • Landscape architect
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • Market researcher
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Tourism officer
  • Transport planner
  • Geological Study of Volcano and Earthquakes Study

Typical Employers:

Common employers of biomedical sciences graduates include the:

  • The armed forces
  • Charities
  • The Civil Service
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Information systems organisations
  • Local government
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Police service
  • Private companies
  • Utility companies.
  • Universities

Employment Stats:

Destination Percentage
Employed 61.9
Further study 18.9
Working and studying 5.8
Unemployed 6
Other 7.4
Type of work Percentage
Business, HR and financial 17.4
Retail, catering and bar work 16.5
Marketing, PR and sales 11.3
Secretarial and numerical clerks 10.5
Other 44.3