In this lecture Svetoslav asks the question “What is our age an age of?” He discusses the defining characteristics of our time: Globalisation, Neo-liberalism, Individualism, Consumerism, Post Truth and the Rise of Populism and how we got here.

Svetoslav recently completed his PhD, entitled “Bio-politics, Counter-terrorism and Law”, at the University of Manchester. His MA in Sociology was previously gained at Lancaster University, where my primary focus was in the areas of globalisation and contemporary US foreign politics. His research interests lie equally in the fields of International Relations, Politics, Sociology and Law. More specifically, he is interested in bio-politics, contemporary politics of security, US and UK counter-terrorism, US domestic policy after 9/11, Foucauldian studies and post-modern social theory. He is also passionate about developing new methods of teaching academic reading and writing to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Sociology at Coventry University