What we do?

Two distinct but related services are offered to students in the 16-19 age cohort. Firstly, students undertaking High School leaving exams throughout the world, are offered world class lectures on relevant topics, not available elsewhere, to boost their grades, and enable them to adapt their learning style to the demands of the 21st century.

Secondly, and aimed at the same group of students, we offer a series of specially created Careers advice from employers to help boost students’ chances of finding the right job.

Additionally we offer an interactive service for students to practice their interview technique and receive employer/recruiter feedback.

What happens when I’ve paid?

For Schools

You will receive a login in code which will last for one year from the date of purchase. This will allow you and your students only to access all lectures in the Catalogue. You may then distribute this code to all relevant students in your school so that students may sign up to Eduvate.

For Individuals

You will receive a confirmation email that contains your username and password.  This will allow you and your family to access ALL lectures, and depending on what price plan you chose, career hacks and 1 practice job interview, with an Employer/Recruiter evaluation. You can of course do more practice interviews at an additional charge.

How do you access the content?

If your school has subscribed then please ask them for the access code: then proceed to student registration. Once signed up you will be able to access the full catalogue of content.

Can I receive an Invoice prior to payment?

Yes. Please select Pay By Invoice at the checkout. Only available to Schools and Institutions. Any further questions on invoice payment can be sent to adnim@eduvate.biz


What are the methods of payment?

Paypal or by Bank Transfer to our UK Bank Account

Can I ask the lecturer a question?

Sure – this is a really important part of our service – parents, teachers, lecturers and students can continue their conversation about any lecture via our website – just submit your questions via the lecture comment box and enjoy meeting new people who can make your journey in education wholly stimulating.

How do I know this is for our school?

Primary Schools should probably not subscribe and Middle schools should understand that their most academically gifted might profit. These lectures are designed for High Schools and school leavers of all abilities aged 16-18.

Will students’ grades improve?

Studying these lectures will almost certainly heighten awareness and the practice of learning independently, using school text books as the bedrock which influences wider reading – universities and examination authorities want evidence of breadth and some measure of original thinking – with the right balance top scores can be achieved. Our aim is Elevated Student Potential for all.

Will I be able to check out these universities?

The Universities we work with have a magnificent world-wide reputation and our lecturers come from the top-end. By contacting these lecturers you will gain a unique route in to understanding how these Universities operate and whether they would be right for you or your students.

Learn to Earn Area?

50% will go to University – 50% won’t. Either way, preparing for success beyond school involves developing self confidence, and a skill set which help students gain an edge on job applications and job interviews, in order to progress in their career.

With that in mind, our One Minute Tips and Career Hacks, delivered by industry leaders and companies who believe in making a positive impact,  provide a fascinating and positive insight into the world of work and offer you the chance to find out what employers think when it comes to being a stand out candidate on paper, and in person.  As we work with more employers, the library is continually updated throughout the year, and into the future.

The Interview Experience?

Should the school choose the Job Seeker, Job Seeker ++, or the Job Seeker + GradeBooster price plan, students can also take a practice online job interview. This will help them improve their interview technique, and employment prospects.  Along with the practice interview itself, students will also receive a confidential interview evaluation from a REAL employer/recruiter. This will appear in their individual “MyAccount” page.  They will also give students tips on where they can improve in future, for when the real opportunity arises.  Please see the interview experience for more information.

If you would like to receive a walk through demo of the platform, or try the interview experience, we would be happy to arrange this for you.  Please contact us by filling in the form on the contact page, so we can arrange a suitable time and date.  The contact form can be found on the FAQ menu.