Leaving school is a challenging period – no-one really knows what is going to happen, but everyone wants great grades and expert direction to reach a positive destination in higher education or employment. Our content is curated specially for young people, with all that in mind.


Superb lectures from University professors, professionals and employers pitched perfectly for young people who wants to improve their grades, develop their own career path or discover the educational pathways that suit them best.

Our aim is to augment the expertise of the classroom with access to the most recent developments and research, in the different subject areas.

Learn to Earn

50% might go to Colllege or University – 50% won’t. Either way, preparing for success beyond school involves developing self confidence, and a skill set which helps you gain an edge on job applications and job interviews, to progress in your career.

With that in mind, our Learn to Earn content is delivered by industry leaders and companies who believe in making a positive social impact.  They provide a fascinating into the world of work and offer you the chance to learn with employers and to understand what it takes to become a stand out candidate on paper, and in person.  The library is continually updated throughout the year, and into the future, as we work with more employers.

The Interview Experience

Should you choose the Job Ready ++, or Grade Booster + Job Ready price plan, you can take a practice job interview online to improve your job interview technique and employment prospects. Along with the practice interview itself, you will also receive a completely confidential interview evaluation from a REAL employer/recruiter.  They will give you a break down of your strengths and weaknesses, and tips on where you can improve for when the real opportunities arise.  Only practice make perfect! Please see the interview experience for more information.

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Student feedback

"The speakers were really interesting and practical"

"They got us involved and visually showed us mathematical examples"

"Interesting applications of mathematics"

"The speakers were very interesting and it was nice to see some applied maths – makes a change to the theory we have in lessons"

"Interesting to see maths in sport showing how it affects our lives everyday in everything we do"